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Re: need info on GR300 Help!

Dear Legion,

        Hey man, the GR300 was an awesome box back in the day!  Yes, 
Fripp, and
Metheny used them, however there is a catch...  The GR-303 is only going 
to be
able to control the GR-300 or the GR-301 (I think was the designation of 
Yellow box, instead of the Blue one.)  It is an Analogue Synthesizer that 
some incredible sounds built in, but it will cost an arm and a leg to get 
MIDI'able.  Silly part is that it can be done....  It will be a little 
in tracking than your Casio, however... it's sounds are a bit kinder
considering that the controller was built around the brain box, so there 
is a
little trade-off.  
        I also have a Casio MG-510 and love the beastie, but I have to say 
that the
best for tracking still goes to a Stepp or Synthaxe (both are extremely
difficult to find, and are really expensive)!  Like the Casio, the Guitar
controller itself was constructed/manufactured by wonderful factories of 
Gen-Gakki, who have kindly produced the higher end of Ibanez, Yari, and
Bradley guitars for years...

        You may want to take a peak at either Paolo's site, or the
midiguitar@egroups.com/ site, run by a Mr. Christian.  You may be refered 
to a
few other sites, but all in all, if everything else fails check out
www.rolandus.com/ or www.rolandcorp.com/japan/

        Hope this helps!



PS.  The equipment is a tool that is often misunderstood and just simply 
to be explained out a little before and after the creative juices begin to
flow...  Took a little to get used to Linux and a few apps therein, but 
let me
tell you,...  don't know how I was doing without them for so long!  LOL!