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Re: need info on GR300 Help!

Hey all,

Just a note about the G303 - it is possible to make up an adapter from the 
block plugs used
on the G202/303/505/808 controllers (and probably the GR33B bass too) to 
the round
plugs used on the GR50 and onwards. Someone who used to frequent a music 
shop near
me (Magnum Sound, Wishaw, Scotland) took the electronics out of a Roland 
transplanted them into another guitar, and used said adapter to run a GR50 
/ U220 setup. I
never found out who it was (only saw the rack & guitar) so don't know if 
it was home-made
or a Roland product. I'd guess home-made, though.

- Tony Douglas

PS. The yellow box was the GR100. It lacked the string select and (I 
think) the
sub-oscillators of the GR300, but some reviews said it was more responsive 
than the blue
box. (That's from memory of reviews 15 years ago, mind !)