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Re[2]: process threads . . . or what have you

> different people bring out different things and help you go different 

The people are usually the key factor for me in determining which way I 
turn as 

> Lately I've been rethinking this strategy a little as it seems that some 
> the people who I look up to seem to basically do the same sort of thing 
> everyone and they seem to be artistically successful doing that . . . 
>work in 
> progress on this.

Confusing watching how others succeed. I've watched the guitarist in a 
popular group right now (a fairly creative guy) which replaced me when I 
to step back and limit my activity during my wife's pregnancy. I certainly 
have liked the high profile and full time playing status this would have 
afforded, but at the same time look at the extreme limitations on what's 
played and realize that I never could have been happy doing that. I did 
working with the band leader a lot.

>> One last note/question: I keep hearing the non-idiomatic banner being 
>> and wonder just how removed from an idiom you have to be to have people 
>> dis you for your references? E.g.. Rock grandiosity and tone; Jazz 
>chords and
>> voicing; Blues; Drum styles and grooves...

> Why remove? Why not just put 'em in a blender and let 'em come out as 
> may?

This is more of an academic curiousity than a guide to how I might play 
I've just heard much discussion around the free improv and non-idiomatic 
banner and wonder if it is about re-contextualization or just 
I'm all for the Waring blender approach myself!

Miko Biffle                   "Running scared from all the usual