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Re: Free improv

> << There is some wierd stuff going on now. Probably
>  rehersal >>
> regarding: glenn branca
> im listening to this as i write and all i can think is "how long would 
>it take
> 5 monkeys to re-create this music?" i dont want to think this, mind you, 
> that is what keeps going through my head. is this the free improv that 
> been discussed over the past few days? i can see in some sense that as a
> player this could be interesting but as a listener its a bit rough for 
>me to
> get behind. but i must admit, this gives me some idea as to what those 
> lucky?) folks whom  i have listen to my music must go through. this whole
> concept of improv is a worthy topic which i hope to learn more about. 
>for now
> i am hipplessly shallow but with ears wide open.............<(*?*)> 
Personally, I don't think you should be too shy about speaking your mind
about the effectiveness of these dubious rules/non-rules regarding free
As I read these postings I found myself thinking:- 
"And you expect people to listen to this? 
Why not let a bunch of kids jump on your instruments? 
They have fewer preconceptions than us adults.  
I've nothing against new music ideas but lets have ideas that work, (i
know your going to say I'm being judgemental) but I function on the
premise that there IS good music and bad music.