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Monkeys, Improv, Zen

>im listening to this as i write and all i can think is "how long would it 
>take 5 monkeys to re-create this music?" i dont want to think this, mind 
>that is what keeps going through my head. 

I perform fairly regularly at the Knit (aka sweatshop of the 
avante-garde) & have often wondered the same thing - at others gigs as 
well my own. Usually this comes about because I'm trying to analyse the 
music in terms of the tradition within which I was taught, namely 
Contemporary Classical Western harmony/rhythm &  "Standards" oriented 
jazz theory.

It's an interesting phenomena - since "anything goes" improv (not the 
case always, I know,  as there are often structures superimposed) is 
really a new form of music & would seem to require a new theory. I guess 
it comes down to "Where am I listening from?" If I'm coming from the "no 
parallel 5ths","ii-V-I" "sonata form" view point I'm sure to drive myself 
crazy. Of course, I don't listen to rock bands from the perspective of 
North Indian Classical music - although it would be an interesting (but 
probably disappointing) experiment!

I've come to the personal conclusion that "free music" requires "free 
listening", which for me comes directly from my experience with 
meditation. I consider it extremely valuable whether playing or listening.

There's lots of Zen epithets that could be used to describe it: "Just 
Sit", "just don't know" or my personal favorite "shut the f*ck up & 
Seriously though - being able to just hear sounds as they occur and 
trusting the sounds that you choose as a player has changed they way that 
I relate to much of the "free" music that I hear & perform.

well that's enough of that...