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Monkey Music

For me, it is easier to listen to free music if I know the 'noise' being
made isn't just a limitation of of the performers involved. In other words,
I can enjoy Thrakattak because I respect what the muscians involved are
capable of. I guess some muscians have the option to make 'noise'- for some
that is all they can do.
To me, 'free improv' is more than making 'monkey music'. When skilled
musicians get together and play freely, it certainly may be easy to create
'noise', but for me the trick is to balance that with what I know and like
about harmony, melody and rhythm. Hopefully the end result (musical noise?)
will be based more on creativity and skill than 'look how avant and deep I
can be-dig?'.

Dave Eichenberger
'Future Perfect' - art music

>im listening to this as i write and all i can think is "how long would it
>5 monkeys to re-create this music?" i dont want to think this, mind you,
>that is what keeps going through my head. is this the free improv that has
>been discussed over the past few days? i can see in some sense that as a
>player this could be interesting but as a listener its a bit rough for me
>get behind. but i must admit, this gives me some idea as to what those 
>lucky?) folks whom  i have listen to my music must go through. this whole
>concept of improv is a worthy topic which i hope to learn more about. for
>i am hipplessly shallow but with ears wide open.............<(*?*)>