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Re: Free improv

In a message dated 10/18/98 11:36:07 AM Mid-Atlantic Standard Time,
jmar@bellsouth.net writes:

<< Damn, I really enjoyed the show, now I find out that its not good 
music, oh
 What would you recomend instead?
this may be a crass oversimplification: having read the bio blurb on the 
site of the branca concert, i thought, this sounds like it might be 
if i lived nearby i would have plonked down some hard earned money and 
gone to
the show. as it is, my only investment was time and the further 
ailienation of
my darling wife ("turn that down, the baby is trying to sleep") perhaps she
thought it was me playing. my point is this, had i paid, i would have been
dissapointed, but as a freebee, it was a great ear-opener. i did say this 
a crass oversimplification. perhaps this is a whole other can of worms.
dont take me wrong, this is not bragging, but when i listen to others 
music i
want to hear things, sounds, textures,words that i do not create. i like to
walk away thinking" i wish i could do that". but hearing random screaming,
atonal guitar washes, bells and gongs and a very slack sounding drum my 
goes to the monkey music mode. i dont eat stewed tomatoes, but i would 
say they are good or bad. maybe im just upset with the passing of frankie
yankovitch, king of the polka, and am awaiting mr. goodmans loop of the 
dedicated to him.........enuf...........michael