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RE: Free improv

Nemoguitt@aol.com intoned:

> ...hearing random screaming, atonal guitar washes,
> bells and gongs and a very slack sounding drum my mind
> goes to the monkey music mode.

All I heard was random and unintelligible yelling.  Kind of like one of the
32 tracks from a Laurie Anderson show.  No, it wasn't THAT coherent.

I ended up being reminded all too well of NYC "Art" world, when I was
growing up in the state across the river from it, and a yahoo who would 
himself crucified on various objects, once a VW bug's hood.  This was
actually in the Museum of Modern Art as an installation, until the fool had
lost enough blood to require a hospital stay.

All the time, the patrons of this Real Gone Crapola would stand around,
pretending they all "get it", sipping their whatevers but never directly
discussing the piece, lest they reveal that they don't really know what the
hell is going on, but they sure paid for it.

Don't get me wrong, now - I'm a diehard Warhol enthusiast, and I really
appreciate the relative openness of the Art scene in NYC (compared to LA,
which more than deserves another earthquake).  I'll also admit that my 
viewing of DNA made me wish I had their instruments, which they seemed to 
abusing greatly at the time.

But I had to wonder what kind of smack people have gotten into, when I hear
what appeared to be a total waste of bandwidth like last night.  At least 
wasn't at OUR expense.  Then I'd be furious.  Instead, I just hit the 'X' 
the upper-right corner of the window, and went back to trying to figure out
whom to dedicate the LOTW to.

Yes, folks, I may actually be forced by circumstance to dedicate the bloody
thing to Frankie Yankovik.  I'm still choking on the idea though, and
remembering the Gary Larsen cartoon:

        "Welcome to Heaven - Here's your harp."
        "Welcome to Hell - Here's your accordion."

[rolling eyes]  Oh, the pain, the pain....

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