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Re: Free improv

In a message dated 10/18/98 7:37:07 AM Central Daylight Time,
whiteoak@dial.pipex.com writes:

<< Why not let a bunch of kids jump on your instruments? 
 They have fewer preconceptions than us adults.>>

Actually, I have seen cd's of just this - kids being handed instruments or
given the most rudimentary instruction and then let loose, this being the
logical extension of the idea of getting to a "pure source", rather than
letting too much technique or schooling interfere with your connection to 
muse. The only recordings of that sort  I have heard so far are the Kids of
Whitney High "Special Music for Special Kids" and the Shaggs "Shaggs Own
Thing" albums, both on Rounder. The first being a group of developmentally-
challenged kids being taught the basics of music theory and songwriting and
then set to creating thier own songs, the second being a group of three 
sisters writing thier own rock album back in the mid 60's, when they were
scarcely able to play thier instruments... both projects interesting, but 
what I'd call daily listening. 

<< I've nothing against new music ideas but lets have ideas that work, (i
 know your going to say I'm being judgemental) but I function on the
 premise that there IS good music and bad music. >>

Yes, but that's still an individual choice. I can't stand some of the more
"out" jazz my best friend listens to, and he likewise can't stand a lot of 
80's pop that clutters my collection. Does that mean that out jazz or 80's 
are bad? Or good? or is it up to the individual? 

- Bill