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JamMan memory etc.


        I just bought a Vortex and a Jamman for $300 over the net. This 
seemed like
an almost shadily good deal indeed (is it?) since I had recently seen them
going for more than that individually, but after fingering the seller's
email and talking to him on the phone, I decided that it was as safe as any
used gear deal I had done over the net and went ahead with it.

        So now I am waiting for UPS to show up with my potential bundle of 
rage/joy (depending in whether everything works out or not), so that I can
join in the looping madness.

        However, the JamMan has only 8 seconds of memory. I understand 
that the
type of memory it uses can be difficult/expensive to obtain. Can anyone
recommend a source? Are they even still available anywhere?


Jonathan El-Bizri