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Re: VG-8 or 2112

Maybe I haven't played with the presets enough. Don't get me wrong, I 
love my SE. In fact I'm just going to move it over to my DX-7. I never 
even imagined getting rid of it.Maybe you have some patches that would 
make me reconsider? As far as the 2112 was concerned I was really 
impressed with the tube preamplification, not to mention the dual 
processor which added to the amount of drool I experienced whilst 
testing that baby. Again, I never really aaltered the SE's patches other 
than a little noise suppression. I've only been playing guitar for as 
long as I've owned the SE which is almost a year in addition to learning 
MIDI so that hasn't left much mental space for redesigning patches. I 
would definately be interested if you came up with anything sweet. Let 
me know.
Thanks, -D

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