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Re: On the off chance . . .


Thanks so much for your quick response. I hadn't found that link to the
MELA foundation, and it looks useful. However, they don't sell the
recording of the 'Second Dream'. Grammavision is distributed by Rykodisc,
and they list La Monte Young as one of their artists, but don't currently
have anything in their catalog by him. So . . . dead end.

The Stockhausen I was referring to is fully titled, "Konkrete und
Electronische Musik". It's the one with 'Gesange der Junglinge' on it. It
was originally on the Stockhausen label. Actually, I am just looking for a
recording of that piece, so if you know of somewhere else . . .

Again, thanks for the effort.


>you can get La Monte Young's second dream "brass ensemble" through
>Grammovision.  Or go to...
>and you just may be able to get ahold of the original.
>About Stockhausen, was that supposed to be Kontakte? For i do have that
>Jeff Collins