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Re: On the off chance . . .

Aden Evens wrote:

> The Stockhausen I was referring to is fully titled, "Konkrete und
> Electronische Musik". It's the one with 'Gesange der Junglinge' on it. It
> was originally on the Stockhausen label. Actually, I am just looking for 
> recording of that piece, so if you know of somewhere else . . .
> >
> >About Stockhausen, was that supposed to be Kontakte? For i do have that
> >also.
> >Jeff Collins

not to add to the confusion, but my version of gesang der junglinge is 
from a
deutche grammophon (who i think is now owned by polygram) vinyl with
"kontakte" on the flip side. you might check their archives?

lance g.