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Re: On the off chance . . .

>Thanks so much for your quick response. I hadn't found that link to the
>MELA foundation, and it looks useful. However, they don't sell the
>recording of the 'Second Dream'. Grammavision is distributed by Rykodisc,
>and they list La Monte Young as one of their artists, but don't currently
>have anything in their catalog by him. So . . . dead end.
>The Stockhausen I was referring to is fully titled, "Konkrete und
>Electronische Musik". It's the one with 'Gesange der Junglinge' on it. It
>was originally on the Stockhausen label. Actually, I am just looking for a
>recording of that piece, so if you know of somewhere else . . .

either one of these sites should help if you haven't already gone to them.
hope this helps. what all kinds of other music/composers do you like?

>Again, thanks for the effort.
>>you can get La Monte Young's second dream "brass ensemble" through
>>Grammovision.  Or go to...
>>and you just may be able to get ahold of the original.
>>About Stockhausen, was that supposed to be Kontakte? For i do have that
>>Jeff Collins