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Re[2]: VG8-or 2112

Frank Gerace wrote...
> I would only add that Mackie 1202s are very big on this list provide a 
> deal of flexibilty in processing (two effects sends that can be used as 
> sends and have four effects, 2 on each send).

Don't forget the Alt 3/4 buss! This actually offers up either two more 
sends or one stereo. If you use y cables double that! My Vortex is on Alt 
and at the push of a button *anything* can go off to the Vortex. I'm 
hoping to 
get another Vortex and send mono left to one and mono right to the other 
on the 
3/4 buss. 

I have the JamMan on Aux 2 and my Waldorf 4-pole filter on Aux 1 which 
allow a pre fader send...

What a lovely mess! 8->