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Re: A Million Monkeys loops


---Mike Biffle <Mike.Biffle@wj.com> wrote:

> In ensembles it becomes quite a bit harder to slip
in loops... It's mostly 
> chemistry... are the jam mates really listeners, or
do they really need to get 
> their own ideas out? Often the first person to loop
defines that portion of the 
> improv. Then it's up to others to support / subvert
the given musical content.

A lot of the time, I'll simply begin ambient loops,
which the drums and stick can easily ignore, or react
to. If I'm feeling particularly aggressive, I'll
build the loop into a huge monsterousity that'll
simply take over the sonic space. When improving with
non-loopers, the loop tends to define content for

I've always been fond of Fripp's description of long
loops as trying to steer an ocean liner, as opposed
to a speed boat.

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