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Re: SP-808 Test Drive

In a message dated 10/19/98 8:16:34 PM, Paolo wrote:

>Overall, the SP-808 is a fun toy.  
>I was however disappointed that it could not sample and playback at the
>same time (now I'm beginning to understand Kim's point about dedicated 
>loopers and DJ-oriented gear beginning to converge but not being there 
>and that the D-beam appeared to be always global.    

I've been working out with a used 808 for about a week now (with NO 
in "traditional" DJ'ing or remixing), and after I get a MIDI pedal that 
MMC, I'll be reporting on it as a realtime looper...so far, it's pretty 
that Kim is right: Not there yet, still not favoring total spontaneity, but
some really intriguing options bubbling up...doesn't seem to be any way to
trigger sampling to the pads by foot...etc...etc
The D-Beam definitely doesn't have to be global, altho the Vari-speed 
always is, I believe.