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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V98 #178

Hey guys,
If some people dig this free improv stuff that's cool by me. 
I like the free improv. = free entrance fee idea since it would 
encourage more people to investigate this stuff and if they didn't
like it they wouldn't feel too put out.
When I mean't good and bad I was thinking from the pov of composing
music by accepting/rejecting notes/phrases/textures etc. This 
filtering process to me is the job of a composer. You could broaden
it out to accepting/rejecting musical processes but I still think
a clever idea is not enough.

The sound is the thing

Oh and Stig,
        "Oh yeah    Gareth . . . most people probably don't want to hear
I think you got your wires crossed here. I certainly don't judge music
by its popularity.
I haven't seen Titanic either does that make me cool ;) 
Good to meet another Greenaway fan :)