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Re: EDP Group Purchase

Anyone have any idea what it would cost to ship an EDP from New York to
California (with appropriate insurance)?  Ball park figures are fine - I'm
trying to figure out if/how I could get an EDP delivered to someone in
California, have someone else pick it up for me from California and carry
it to me in Australia as "personal luggage" and understand how much it's
all going to cost (to the nearest $100 or so)...

If this falls through and if a few others in Oz are interested, it may be
cost effective to pool our money, fly someone from Oz to either California
or Hawaii, have them pick up a bunch of EDPs, bring them back to Oz, take
the 22% import duty hit on each box and distribute the EDPs when they get
back.  Even at
- ~$A1000 per EDP unit (at current exchange rates)
- plus $220 per unit import duty
- plus ~$A1500 for a single economy return flight to California
- plus insurance
- plus some extra money for someone to do the leg work,
it'd soon work out considerably cheaper than the $A3k per EDP it costs to
buy them locally.  If you could get 6 people buying 1 EDP each together and
resolve any issues of trusting people out of the way, you'd be down around
$A1500+(whatever gets paid to the "US tourist") per EDP...


Dave Mitchell