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Re: EDP Group Purchase

it's about $30-40US Fedex overnight
i'm doing the same as you ...

---David_Mitchell@HP-Australia-notes1.om.hp.com wrote:
> Anyone have any idea what it would cost to ship an EDP from New York
> California (with appropriate insurance)?  Ball park figures are fine
- I'm
> trying to figure out if/how I could get an EDP delivered to someone in
> California, have someone else pick it up for me from California and
> it to me in Australia as "personal luggage" and understand how much
> all going to cost (to the nearest $100 or so)...
> If this falls through and if a few others in Oz are interested, it
may be
> cost effective to pool our money, fly someone from Oz to either
> or Hawaii, have them pick up a bunch of EDPs, bring them back to Oz,
> the 22% import duty hit on each box and distribute the EDPs when
they get
> back.  Even at
> - ~$A1000 per EDP unit (at current exchange rates)
> - plus $220 per unit import duty
> - plus ~$A1500 for a single economy return flight to California
> - plus insurance
> - plus some extra money for someone to do the leg work,
> it'd soon work out considerably cheaper than the $A3k per EDP it
costs to
> buy them locally.  If you could get 6 people buying 1 EDP each
together and
> resolve any issues of trusting people out of the way, you'd be down
> $A1500+(whatever gets paid to the "US tourist") per EDP...
> Regards
> Dave Mitchell


Robert Kolosowski

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