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Re: Good Looking Monkey Music

The day all the remove me/digest posts came, Dain wrote:


Tongue in Cheek...?
nd of performances to make sure there is a strong visual
>element to the set.  I personally would (and have in the past) listened to
>hours of totally useless thoughtless looping and jamming JUST because the
>band A) had nice analog synths to look at B) had a nice old Fender Jaguar
>or other sexy guitar


Hey Dain,

Come to the next FingerPaint performance in November then...we have lots f
analog synths, five or six looping devices( soon to be adding a plex via
deal here...)  and a beautiful old sunburst Jaguar that I'll soon be
retiring form the public eye...

Good humor after all those damn removes, etc....


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