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Good Looking Monkey Music

                                Tongue in Cheek...?

If you ask me, sure all music is trivial and boring by it self, especially
the so called "instrumental" work (mainly called instrumental music because
the instruments are doing most of the work).  I have found it very helpful
when doing these kind of performances to make sure there is a strong visual
element to the set.  I personally would (and have in the past) listened to
hours of totally useless thoughtless looping and jamming JUST because the
band A) had nice analog synths to look at B) had a nice old Fender Jaguar
or other sexy guitar C) had a cute girl singer or D) had all or some of
these elements mixed together.  Also if you don't happen to be good looking
you can always get some nice bubbly overhead projectors going and turn off
the lights.  However it must be said that I sat througha set by Sonic
Boom's EAR ONLY because he had an EMS Synthi AKS, an Oscar, and a Serge
Modular (so sometimes the quality of synths can offset the need to have
pretty 16m projections out the wazzoo)  

My band has A and B but we haven't really gotten around to C yet, still
looking though.