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I remember a while back we all discussed this problem that so many of us
had. WELL...i also remember speaking of the principle of doing that with
regular guitar pickups (using the neck as a driver to send the signal back
out to the strings). I got a post from a fellow looper who told me that he
already had the small amp made that you need to drive the pickup but he
needed it rewound with twice thicker wire and 1/2 or so less turns...
WELL it turns out that i do have some good wire that i would be willing to
send to one of you who might know about doing such a thing...if you're up 
the challenge.

Let's all get happy!!!

Jeff Collins

PS. I'm about to check a favorite composer of mine and ask him about said
thing...since he has already done this, Simply listen to Jim O'Rourke's 
"Remove The Need" on Extreme.