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Re: Sustainers

I seem to remember somthing about that. Any  more info?Also there is the
Sustainiac, if they still exist. And how does a Sustainor unit work? vs. a

Oh yes, I tune down a half step on some g----rs and if the strings rattle 
I try
to work that into the loops. (loop content)

Jeff Duke

Collins wrote:

> I remember a while back we all discussed this problem that so many of us
> had. WELL...i also remember speaking of the principle of doing that with
> regular guitar pickups (using the neck as a driver to send the signal 
> out to the strings). I got a post from a fellow looper who told me that 
> already had the small amp made that you need to drive the pickup but he
> needed it rewound with twice thicker wire and 1/2 or so less turns...
> WELL it turns out that i do have some good wire that i would be willing 
> send to one of you who might know about doing such a thing...if you're 
>up to
> the challenge.
> Let's all get happy!!!
> Sincerely,
> Jeff Collins
> PS. I'm about to check a favorite composer of mine and ask him about said
> thing...since he has already done this, Simply listen to Jim O'Rourke's 
> "Remove The Need" on Extreme.