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RE: GR-30 and Guitar Craft Tuning

Greg Sundberg queried forth:
> When I drop the bass string to a C, the GR-30 has a real
> difficult time
> figuring out the frequency of the string....Has anyone else
> experienced this?  Any suggestions or resolutions?

I neither have a GR-30 nor use the Guitar Craft/Standard tuning... I DO
however utilize a non-standard tuning for all my work, my sixth being tuned
to as low as a low A; and I have experienced the effect in question with a
tuning program I use, but only in the past.

The problem in my case occurred because of the different-than-normal 
of the strings under my own non-standard tuning.  When I experimented a
little bit and tried a few different guages, finding heavier ones more
favorable for a more exact tuning on my sixth (but less comfortable, the
thicker they got).  I also found that this jumping-around effect (on the
part of the tuner program) nearly disappeared, which may have been a result
of lesser harmonics (?) of the more exactly-tuned string.

Not having a perochial musical background, the above is about as exact as 
gets linguistically; I don't have a full hang of the nomenclature (though
I'm always willing to learn more in order to communicate better with Real
musicians [giggle]).

I've not had the cash or timing to be able to attend the Guitar Craft
courses, and, alas, I understand they're being taught now by other than RF;
while I could guarantee the availability of a blank slate to a teacher, I'd
rather deal with the apparent Master than a subordinate, eh?  Nonetheless,
has there never been discussion of different guage strings to accommodate
the different tuning?  The course was specific enough to require the
Ovation - did this not extend to the strings?  Puzzling.

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