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RE: The story of our age?

David Kirkdorffer asked:
> 1) then what is the "story" of our age?
> 2) what are examples of music today depicting today's story?

Such confines as "our age" are variable at best.  Whose age?  I'm going to
be 42 just after Christmas, so what I might consider as such might be
significantly different than someone in their early 20s.  I've always
suspected that such compartmentalized efforts as "The Top 100 (fill in the
blank)" have tended to be either some executive's idea of a Great Marketing
Scheme Designed To Refocus Consumers, or some result of  some Expert's
thoughts on How We Need To Be Educated.

Since, from an early age, I was correctly suspicious of any sales pitch, 
tended to analyze the propaganda content a lot, such items as "Our
Generation", "Our Age", "Our Century", tend to be less-than-relevant to me.
The idea that anyone could declare the end list of the 20th Century's
greatest Anythings before the end of that century is spurious at best.

Second, then, What IS today's story?  I dunno, there was a guy on the bus
today who so clearly had fleas that everyone gave him a 10-foot berth;
another bank robbery in Hollywood at the B of A; the Fall pretends to be
Summer in October Los Angeles, but shows its age in the golden tint, and 
lengthening shadow; and, as ever, the New Moon holds the Old one in its 

I question the idea of a "defining moment" for any span of time, since I
wonder if it doesn't exert an unnatural boundary around something that
cannot be bound.  I remember moments for their own charm, and in
recollection, don't think of any period of time I've been in that can be
encapsulated into a smaller thing than it is.

(I've been concentrating on folding space instead, to no known avail).

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