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Re: process threads . . . or what have you

Sorry 'bout the long delay, Andreas. 

This "Dirty Dozen" thing is actually being conceived as a theatre piece
which won't be performed for about a year. That's also the reason for
the increased complexity of the rules in comparison with other
"conducted improv" stuff. Whether this is a good thing? I think so in
the end, but it requires a lot of time investment.

Who's gig is it? Well, the two organizers are Christopher Bleckinsop and
Carsten Dane, both of whom are multi-instrumentalists with strong
connections to German theatre. They want the project to be financially
rewarding and they also want to involve an entire stage concept -
therefore the theatre concept!

Where will it be? Probably Berlin, Muenchen, Hamburg etc.


Andreas Willers schrieb:
> Rob,
> where & when are you performing, who's gig is it? I know that Butch 
> did a version of his 'conducted improv'-orchestra called 'Berlin
> Scyscraper' last year at the 'Podewil'...but this sounds different.