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EDP GROUP PURCHASE - more thoughts

Culled from the Digest...

>>  As far as price goes, I would think that for a maxxed out EDP with foot
>>  controller, $600 would be a great buy, and $650-$670 would be realistic
>>  bulk purchase.. Anyone have any price comments?.

>What about additional memory -- i.e., filling it to capacity? Is it
>possible to get one equipped that way?

>Am I correct that these are not maxed out edps? I don't think that they 
>from the factory fully loaded. Still seems a great price though. My credit
>card is ready to go.

So far it looks like there are about 3-4 people who are interested. The 
question of getting units "maxxed" with 16 Mb has come up a couple of 
times but since they don't come that way from the factory I think it 
might be best for everyone to deal with the memory issue individually.  
Maybe someone wishes to create another RAM co-op...

It' s been my experience that music stores can never compete with places 
likes Chipmasters or Data Memory Systems in terms of price and I'm sure 
that there would be labor costs involved in having the store tech install 
the RAM in 5-10 EDPs.

As I mentioned before they will most likely  want to get paid before 
placing thier order to Gibson, since it would be a real drag to to be 
sitting on a stack of unsold EDP's which they have paid inbound frieght 
on. The idea is that the store can place one call to Gibson, get a single 
large shipment of units, (which would cost less in shipping fees than 
having them shipped individually) and they are guaranteed to be sold and 
move them out quickly with a minimum of hassle.

As far as I can tell Alto Music will be making about $60 per Echoplex & 
maybe $10 on the pedal (this is a guess but I'm probably close...) not 
much profit...even if we get to 10 orders

I will call the store & ask how they prefer to deal with payment/orders 

We can let this process loop for a while so people get a chance to peruse 
thier finances & think about it. Who knows? maybe someone else can get a 
better price!

email me privately with name address & tel. #  if you want in on this - 
It makes it easier to keep track of everyone since I'm a digest 

Loopers for all!