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Re: I need everyone's opinion...

>As far as synthesizer modules go, what does everybody think about the NANO
>series of synth modules (as well as compressors) the ALESIS offers???  
>are their any other expandable synthesizer modules that anyone would like 
>suggest, as well as MIDI CONTROLLER keyboard?

ok, you asked for my opinion... certainly nothing by alesis can be
considered "pro", and much of it sounds like shit (even the 20bit adat
sitting next to me), but, of course lo-fi can be used to tremendous
advantage, and sometimes the grungiest, dumbest sounding piece of gear can
sound really cool. So, listen, and see if they're right for you. Also,
often local music stores (like Robb's Music in Boulder) has great finds on
used (read vintage) keyboards. - often cool analog stuff etc. Sometimes we
end up using a module for only one sound anyway, so make sure the thing
generates sound in a cool way - whatever that means to you - sorry, but you