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RE: GR-30 and "Dropped 6th string tuning" + loop content

Actual loop content:     22% (see below)

Thanks to all who responded.  I'll probably just convert my strat back 
to normal tuning and create some "virtual" tuning patches on Gr-30.  Of 
course the obvious drawback, as others pointed out, appears when mixing 
guitar signal with the synth -- which I like to do.  On the other hand, 
it may create some interesting opportunities as well.

I already had a heavier gauge string (54 I believe), but it only helped 
slightly.  I'm curios about Jim's setup.  He's using a Godin and isn't 
having the same issue.  If I'm not mistaken the Godin doesn't use the 
GK-2a pickup, but rather a piezo solution (the RMC's perhaps?).  Could 
this be a superior design?  I got the impression from the Roland manual 
that "closer is better" w/ regard to the hex pickup and the bridge.  
Following that logic, the best position for the pickup would be the 
bridge itself.  Maybe?

By the way, there's a new mailing list that just started up for the 
GR-30.  http://www.indiscipline.net/gr-30.  

RDLA: recommended daily looping allowance..

Relatively poor man's looper:
1) you need at least a mixer or amp or other effect device with a free 
send/return pair, a delay pedal, and a volume pedal.
2) From the send go into a volume pedal, then a delay pedal, then back 
to the return.

If you want to add something to a loop, hit the volume pedal.  Close the 
volume pedal and solo away over the loop.

Have fun and save for that EDP, Boomerang, Jamman, or wait for GOD <sic> 
to create a PC looper solution next year.


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