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Re: GR-30 and "Dropped 6th string tuning" + loop content

Greg Sundberg wrote:
> I already had a heavier gauge string (54 I believe), but it only helped
> slightly.  I'm curios about Jim's setup.  He's using a Godin and isn't
> having the same issue.  If I'm not mistaken the Godin doesn't use the
> GK-2a pickup, but rather a piezo solution (the RMC's perhaps?).  Could
> this be a superior design?  I got the impression from the Roland manual
> that "closer is better" w/ regard to the hex pickup and the bridge.
> Following that logic, the best position for the pickup would be the
> bridge itself.  Maybe?

I checked my Godin (a multiac), and here are the gauges:
9, 13, 18 (un wound steel) 32, 46, 56 wound brass.  The
crafty tuning uses a wound 22 on the 3rd string, and 11s on
the top string, both way too tight, in my opinion.  I got
my strings in bulk by the dozen at musicians friend.  When
you buy in bulk, you buy individual gauges, so you can pick
what you like.  I still think the lower strings are a bit looser
than I'd like, but that's the thickest i can find.

I use an Axon (which I highly recommend, along w/ the equivalent
yamaha), and haven't had any serious tracking problems. It uses
piezo RMC pickups, so I think that may improve tracking when using
Roland products. As pointed out in another post, the Axon is much
better tracking lower pitches as it uses the attack transient
to guess the pitch, rather than waiting for a complete waveform. 
I've found it to be much more "playable" overall than the GI-10
I used to have, both on the Godin, and a regular electric w/ a 
GK-2a.  Of course, it is also more expensive, harder to find, etc.