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Re: Vortex Now (expression pedals)

On Mon, 26 Oct 1998, Joe Cavaleri wrote:

> jeff , there is no difference between the two. 
> I think what Roland was referring to is a voltage control pedal such as 
> roland EV5. I think that's the one I use. "That is of course unless you
> using a control voltage to control a volume parameter!"

Just a heads up to those of you looking for the fabled EV5.  I looked and
looked for one when I got a hold of my Vortex, but with no luck.  Perhaps
Roland has stopped producing this pedal?  In any case, I picked up their 
FV5 and it works as well (just need a different cable).

My only complaint is that the FV5's response curve is odd (almost
parabolic?).  It's VERY responsive in the first 20% of the pedal swing,
then it cools out to give a flatter curve.  Do any of you folk know how I
can flatten out the curve to get a more uniform response through the
pedal swing?  As it is now, the first 20-30% of pedal swing takes my
Vortex from 1-50 with the last 70-80% of the swing taking me up to 64.

Is this behavior standard in E/FV pedals or is mine just whacky?

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 to man as it is, infinite."  -- William Blake

Todd Pafford   galen@erols.com