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Re: GR-30 and Guitar Craft Tuning

Re New standard tuning question:

I think the problem is caused by the fact that the low C vibrates at a
slower rate and therefore the note is recognized by the hex pick-up less
Is the problem worse when fretting notes as opposed to when the open string
is let ring? If it is, try a thicker gauge string. A light gauge string
tuned down to the low C can really vary widely with respect to pitch, due
to inconsistent finger pressuse throughout the time the note is fretted.
This is a big problem for me using the tuning on acoustic guitar. The Hex
pickup may be having trouble recognizing pitch when it varies outside of
certain tolerences.
I know that Fripp is a proponent of using the thickest gauge strings one
can stand. Perhaps this is not only for reasons of improved tonality.

Just a thought - Jim

>Not "loop specific", but I'm certain there are other guitarists on this
>alias using a Roland GR-30 Guitar Synth (or maybe a VG-8, or other synth
>with a hex pickup) with a guitar tuned with the "new standard tuning"
>used in Guitar Craft.
>When I drop the bass string to a C, the GR-30 has a real difficult time
>figuring out the frequency of the string.  It'll jump back and forth
>from the low C to any number of frequencies that it picks up from the
>harmonics.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Any suggestions or
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