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Re: GR-30 and Guitar Craft Tuning

Hi Greg,

I had this same situation with the GR-1. The manual says that the synth can
not reliabley detect pitches lower than the E used in the standard tuning.
Hence your problem. RF himself sadi inan interview that he now has two
tunings. One with the lowE replacing the C.

Thus Andrea's "Virtual Tuning" will not solve your problem
straightforwardly. oeer withthe string tuned to E,, you can than convert
that E to C giving you the NST as far as synth sounds are concerned. BUT if
you blend guitar and synth, you could wind up with some unwanted harmonies.


>Not "loop specific", but I'm certain there are other guitarists on this
>alias using a Roland GR-30 Guitar Synth (or maybe a VG-8, or other synth
>with a hex pickup) with a guitar tuned with the "new standard tuning"
>used in Guitar Craft.
>When I drop the bass string to a C, the GR-30 has a real difficult time
>figuring out the frequency of the string.  It'll jump back and forth
>from the low C to any number of frequencies that it picks up from the
>harmonics.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Any suggestions or
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