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Well, as was noted here before, Ken Mistove's "Procrastination" audio
looping software is (shall we say in the vernacular) "the duck's nuts."

Completely amazing.  

I even did some goofy stuff like taking a CD of Robert Fripp's soundscapes
and looped that, just for fun.  I also dialed out into the internet, 
and the dial tone, touch tones and sound of the modem got looped into 
the composition too.  Weird.

I looped some CD-R audio of my existing compositions and that worked
really well too.

Suggestions?  Since I have 80+ megs of ram, could we possibly have
one very LONG loop?  (i.e. instead of four one minute loops, how 
about one four minute loop?)  Or have some way of configuring the 
number of loops vs. time?

Tap tempo would be nice.

Also, some sort of time display that would let the looper know what
position he or she is within the loop currently playing?

It's an amazing start so far and will be using it for a project
very soon.

Any Mac user who has a suitable amount of RAM should try this out -
it's absolutely amazing.