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Re: [Fwd: [thewire] Unusual Guitar Sounds]+ sustainer

My experience with the E-Bow has been that the pickups in the guitar are 
to make or break the added analogue synth.  With the GR-30, 50, 10 and the 
the E-Bow will sometimes not trigger the synthesizer because of placement 
the E-Bow and possibly the GK-2a (or other like Hex pickup) is not close
enough to the bridge of the guitar.

One problem that I've been running into on my little rig, (a GR-50, Carvin
doubleneck with a gk-2a and an older metal cased E-bow or the plastic one) 
that the GR-50 will warble/yodel a bit with the power dives or with long
glisses, this seems to be a common problem.  The AXON/Yamaha tend to do 
more readily, but they do track a little better than the Roland brain boxes
when using a plectrum or your fingers (with the apropos setting, of 

Sorry, that this is not the typical Loop material and is a little more 
to Digital Guitar Digest or MIDI Guitar Network's pages.