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am i missing something?

whats up with this talk about "crafty" gumba's guitar tunings.....do i 
have to
be a gentleman or a fripporino fan to get some insite into this? i have to
find someone to show me this tuning before i can be taught by the master? 
i am
at a loss! but this is not new for me.......sounds a bit 
care to enlighten me off-list about this? im always up for new guitar

p.s. imho, for any new loopers, the boomerang is the way to go to get your
feet wet.
you are up and running right out of the box, looping your brains out with 
learning curve, add ons, nor frustration. but i am somewhat simple and 
rather play than push a lot of buttons and get the right foot-controlers 
up-grade simms etc. i become more techno-phobic with every passing day. i 
it is only a matter of time before all my equipment turns on me and 
refuses to
work. its been a really hard few days and i hope i dont sound like a smart-
ass....loop on one and all.......michael