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Re: Paul Motian's Trioism

>Subject:     Paul Motian's Trioism
>Sent:        10/26/98 3:52 PM
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>From:        PJBMHB@aol.com
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>i was listening to this cd this morning and yesterday. frisell has an 
>lot of loops going on this one. a lot of tough playing too. bill must have
>been in a bad mood when this was recorded because he really rages on some 
>these tunes. =-) PJ

Bill is always really slick about his looping.  It's one of those things 
that the casual listener might not notice (espically in context of some 
of the complex tunes he plays and the fact that he rarely uses 4 bar 
loops) if they aren't pointed out.   (This as opposed to say, oh I don't 
know. . . Frip?!?)

If you've ever met Bill, I think you'd agree that it would be rare to 
find him in a bad mood--especially if he's playing music.  You should 
check him out on the Naked City stuff if you've never heard him rage:  
It's a side he explores on occasion.  Also check out Power Tools and Marc 
Johnson's Bass Desires (Both _Bass Desires_ and _Second Sight_)