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Doug Tapia wrote:

> >Subject:     Paul Motian's Trioism
> >Sent:        10/26/98 3:52 PM
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> >i was listening to this cd this morning and yesterday. frisell has an 
> >lot of loops going on this one. a lot of tough playing too. bill must 
> >been in a bad mood when this was recorded because he really rages on 
>some of
> >these tunes. =-) PJ
> >To: Doug Tapia (or anyone who can answer this). On Power Tools, "Strange
> Meeting", what is Frisell using for his loops?? Thanks, James
> jameshsidlo@stic.net

> Bill is always really slick about his looping.  It's one of those things
> that the casual listener might not notice (espically in context of some
> of the complex tunes he plays and the fact that he rarely uses 4 bar
> loops) if they aren't pointed out.   (This as opposed to say, oh I don't
> know. . . Frip?!?)
> If you've ever met Bill, I think you'd agree that it would be rare to
> find him in a bad mood--especially if he's playing music.  You should
> check him out on the Naked City stuff if you've never heard him rage:
> It's a side he explores on occasion.  Also check out Power Tools and Marc
> Johnson's Bass Desires (Both _Bass Desires_ and _Second Sight_)
> Peace,
> Doug