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RE: Percussion, drums anyone?

Rebirth has a delay function that I am dying to emulate with my other gear.
Basicly, you can set up a 100% feedback delay, 1 bar in length and then 
one of the drum machines (I suppose it should work other instruments, as
long as they repeat) in to it. If you put the 'delay in' level at a low
level, like 20%, and repeat the drum sequence over and over, and over the
course of several bars the delay sound builds in to this phased and 
out percussive loop.


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> Subject: Percussion, drums anyone?
> How many of you are of the above persuasion? That is,
> drum/percussion/loopism?
> Well, I know there a few, though just a few, of you out there. Just felt
> like chattin' a little with youse. can mention what equipment you're
> using for starters and we'll take it from there.
> Hope to hear from you,
> Rob(erto Batteria)