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Re: another q:

adam davidovics wrote:

> Why people buying a Vortex next to their Jamman?

I use both together. The Vortex is more of a processor than a looper. Only
very short loops (1.6 seconds?) But it is a great sounding processor - 
chorus, flange, ring mod, rotary speaker, and some other very unusual 
Very flexible and it works in stereo. Good Lexicon quality sound.

They are now hard to find, they have not been built for a few years. I 
mine for $200, but now prices for used ones can be higher. I don't know 
your keyboard is worth, though, I play guitar.

I think it is a good process or to use with the Echoplex. I go:
Guitar>pedals>Vortex>JamMan. Someday I'll have an Echoplex!

I'm glad you will be having much fun with these toys!

eric p
los angeles

> I'm about to get an Echoplex. (is it available with no problems anyway?)
> Thank for those who made me decide getting it instead the Jamman.
> But i've got an extremely good offer for the Vortex (i could exchange it
> for a Fatar SL161 masterkeyboard, damn cheap). Could the Vortex do 
> useful next to the Echoplex?
> a/d