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Crafty Tunings


(from low to high)


The C to be used is below the low E on the regular EADGBE tuning.
The G is the same pitch as the low E at the 3rd fret in EADGBE.
The D is the same old D you have always used.
The A is self-explanatory...
The E is the same as the old first string in EADGBE
The G is, of course, really high and tight and can break on occasion.

If you have a seven string guitar, the low B should be tuned to A, as
far as I've read so it is ACGDAEG, low to high.

No, you don't have to be a "fripporino", whatever that is.  I never
attended a class but messed with the tuning and liked it - was able
to write some interesting tunes with it.  It does get you out of ruts,
but most new tunings would if you have musical inclinations.

Beware though:
if you have a Floyd Rose bridge, be very careful because the heavier
tension at the higher strings may cause your bridge pieces to crack
from metal fatigue.

I tried this tuning on a Floyd equipped guitar that had the bridge
for about 5 years and was used to a .009 set of strings.

I ran into 2 cracked bridge saddles due to my experimentation on
this, but only after two or three weeks at this tuning.  

My recommendation: find a fixed bridge instrument to do this on,
such as a Les Paul or Telecaster or hardtail strat.

Your mileage may vary.

Oh, the low strings work great for looping.