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Sustainer by Fernandes

Oh, a higher quality guitar that has the Sustainer built-in is a guitar
made by Jackson (usually known for more high powered, scythe shaped axes)
called the PC1 (so named for Phil Collen of Def Leppard?!).

It's a strat shaped guitar with a birdseye maple neck and curly maple
cap on (I think) an ash, alder or poplar body and has the sustainer
built in as a standard option.

It evidently comes either with a Floyd Rose or a Wilkinson trem.  It's
a nice looking guitar (especially the all natural one, matches nicely
with the birdseye maple on the neck).

You may want to check one out if you don't want to carve up your fave
instrument to get one of those sustainer thingies installed.