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RE: Procrastination feature ideas

I'd really like to see a PC equivalent of this program, though I would
assume a port is an unrealistic idea.

A more directly useful suggestion, though:

VST plugin comatibility. Wouldn't this rock? It would be awesome to be able
to use a looper in an audio sequencer, have it synched to midi and automate
the controls! and you could have as many loops as you like, of different
sizes and shapes, by running more plugins. This would get even crazier if a
VST effect loop could be added inside the plugin, for feedback effects.

Wouldn't all this rock? Maybe Dave Brown (isn't that the guy who does all
those free VST plugins?) would be the one to talk to.

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> Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 1998 9:57 AM
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> Subject: Procrastination feature ideas
> Hello Ken,
> wow!  thanks for your reply.  I'm saving up for MSP right now.  I already
> have MAX, and love it.
> I would love to be involved with this project in any way I can be.  I use
> my powerbook in a live situation as an effects processor (as well as for
> other things.)
> I have four main things I'd love to see tis program do:
> * tap tempo
> * time display
> * two more modes:  loop/overdub and loop/replace
> * selectable internal routing
> These features would make the program work like four Lexicon Jam Men with
> some routing ability.
> __tap_tempo__
> What I meant by tap tempo would be more clearly stated "I'd love
> to be able
> to tap in the loop length like this:  click to start a loop running and
> then x seconds later click to close the loop, at which time the sound
> recorded after the first tap would start to come out.  I like the way my
> Jam MAn does this with looping and delay.  It allows you to lock the 
> into the rhytm of music.  That would be VERY useful and would likely
> transform the way most loopers do their music.
> Also cool on the Jam Man is the ability to tap a delay period and then
> divide it.  It works like this:  tap on the 1 of a bar and then
> on the next
> 1, making a loop exactly one bar long.  On the jam man you can then 
> this period by 1/2, 1/3 or 1/4... making a delay period be a half a bar a
> quarter note triplet (in 4/4) or a quarter of a bar.  I use this in crazy
> ways to get my delays to work against the time...  an arbitrary division
> would be awesome.
> You might implement this as a blank labelled divisor where you can type 
> a number.  Making this dynamic so that you could switch the
> divisor without
> stopping the sound would be great, but seems hard, maybe it could
> switch it
> at the beginning of the next iteration?  The dynamic switching wouldn't 
> as important as the period division feature.
> ___time_display____
> I think that the best way would be to put a countdown timer in the window
> for each buffer.  something that showed the seconds counting back.  Also,
> like the jam man you could have the TAP button flash with each
> cycle of the
> loop/delay. These things would indicate some timing info for each
> delay and
> would help a user tell what was coming from where.
> ___two_new_modes___
> A switch on each buffer that would toggle between loop/replace,
> loop/overdub and delay mode would really expand the abilities of the
> program.  This is another feature which would be similar to the Jam Man's
> funtionality:
> loop/replace:  Tap to start the loop, the buffer fills until the next 
> which closes the loop, which then plays on until another tap starts the
> process over again, clearing the buffer.
> loop/overdub:  Tap starts the loop, the buffer fills and a tap closes the
> loop, the next tap puts the player in 'overdub' mode, which dubs
> the played
> sound on to the loop, the next tap takes you out of overdub mode.
>  This can
> go on till you hit clear and reset it.
> Delay mode:  adjustable feedback delay with manual or tapped tempo.
> In the two loop modes the manual time setting could be used instead of a
> second tap...  if you set the period to :35, :35 after you tap once the
> loop will close.
> ____internal_rounting_____
> Something that would also really add power to the thing would be the
> ability to 'patch' the ins and outs of the system.  where the L + R audio
> goes and where the out of each delay bank goes, finally to the L + R 
> outs.
> If you read this far, thanks for staying with me, these are just the
> suggestions for my dream program, not anything that I would expect anyone
> to slave over just for me.  However, know that you would sell a
> ton of Macs
> if these features were a reality.  You would change the way a lot of
> loopers made music with this -- it could be one of the most powerful 
> tools out there.
> thanks for your time and write mw for a reason or no reason at all,
>  _________________________________
> /robb monn -- robm@nytimes.com  |