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Re: Procrastination feature ideas

Jonathan El-Bizri wrote:
> I'd really like to see a PC equivalent of this program, though I would
> assume a port is an unrealistic idea.
> A more directly useful suggestion, though:
> VST plugin comatibility. Wouldn't this rock? It would be awesome to be 
> to use a looper in an audio sequencer, have it synched to midi and 
> the controls! and you could have as many loops as you like, of different
> sizes and shapes, by running more plugins. This would get even crazier 
>if a
> VST effect loop could be added inside the plugin, for feedback effects.
> Wouldn't all this rock? Maybe Dave Brown (isn't that the guy who does all
> those free VST plugins?) would be the one to talk to.

I'm just getting myself up & running with VST plugin development - rest
assured that a *BIG* delay will be the first thing I compile ;)