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RE: Procrastination feature ideas

Robb and others,

>pluggo is a VST plug that will interface into MSP, there is info about it
>on the MSP page at www.cycling74.com.
>it looks like it is coming out very soon.

Yes, pluggo is due sometime next month. Any MSP patcher can be turned into
a VST plug-in. For now Mac only.

For all those interested, Max/MSP IS being ported to Windows for release
late next year. So my reponse to those who have asked for a PC port of
Procrastination is - for now you'll have to wait.

Just to re-inforce what Kim has said in the past: a computer based looper
is not a replacement for a stand alone unit.

There is I/O latency in software, no way around it. Also lugging around a
computer to gigs is a real pain. If you need a reliable looper for live use
stick with hardware. If you want to take some risk and can live with the
limitations, then by all means jump on the software wagon. Robb has offered
to "road test" Procrastination. We will keep the list informed of any major
breakthroughs. With his help and suggestions from others, I hope to build a
very useable and flexible software looper. Just a warning, for now it's not
for everyone.


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