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Re: Vortex Tips(How?)

>Tip two
> i) power up vortex while holding both 'A/B' and 'reg/preset'
>ii) turn preset knob until OB appears, (or OA).
>iii) press reg/pre button.
>iv) turn reg/pre knob to produce a series of tones
>v) parameter knob varies volume
>       This would seem to be a very high quality sine wave generator,
>            125Hz to 16kHz

How'd you discover this?


The JamMan has a similar  undocumented feature, but only 440Hz (accurate 
tuning) and 1kHz.
I found this while investigating the JamMan diagnostic mode ( used for 
ch). Power up holding reset/bypass, hit tap ,turn mode knob till  13 
hit tap again,turn mode knob to select 4 or 1  (440 or 1k), tap again.

I figured the Vortex might also have a diagnostic, I was quite surprised.
Using different settings at stage ii)  does different stuff , but mostly
0C  Resets registers to the presets (nasty).
04 gives a lightshow when you turn the preset knob
09  takes you to the normal vortex operation

Andy Butler