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PC Looping

On the topic of PC looping: I've played around with Visual Basic, and the
kind of performance we're thinking of is way beyond what such tools can do
natively. I think whoever does a "full-featured" looper will find 
getting involved with the likes of DirectX Streaming  / DirectSound 
and the like - not for an amateur programmer such as myself!

To recap, DirectX is the API set Microsoft have created so that games
developers in particular can access the multimedia system on a
"device-independent" basis - not caring whether the output device is a 
Blaster or an Event Layla system. It also supports a "plug-in" 
which is where we come in. There are already quite a few musical plug-ins
out there - EQs, grungelizers, dynamic sections, and some excellent reverbs
from the likes of TC.

I've got the MS "DevNet" reference which includes all the API details, but
I'm probably going to have to learn C++ to get anything out of it...

I'll keep thinking etc..!

Brian Thomson, London UK
bnt@ibm.net / bnt@email.com

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