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Re: PC Looping

At 06:52 PM 10/27/98 -0000, you wrote:
>On the topic of PC looping: I've played around with Visual Basic, and the
>kind of performance we're thinking of is way beyond what such tools can do
>natively. I think whoever does a "full-featured" looper will find 
>getting involved with the likes of DirectX Streaming  / DirectSound 
>and the like - not for an amateur programmer such as myself!
>To recap, DirectX is the API set Microsoft have created so that games
>developers in particular can access the multimedia system on a
>"device-independent" basis - not caring whether the output device is a 
>Blaster or an Event Layla system. It also supports a "plug-in" 
>which is where we come in. There are already quite a few musical plug-ins
>out there - EQs, grungelizers, dynamic sections, and some excellent 
>from the likes of TC.

As noted before (this comes up pretty often, it seems....) Windows/MacOS 
general purpose OS's that aren't designed for real-time performance. Hence
they have bad latency problems that make something like a decent real-time
audio looper (or real-time signal processor) pretty unlikely. (even using
DirectX...) If you got 20-50ms of latency out of a PC, you'd be doing 
well, but loop that 10 or 20 times and you've got quite a 
why PC audio stuff tends to stick with single direction apps where you can
easily compensate for the latency problems. External boxes on the other
hand, will be designed specifically for real-time work. They can guarantee
very low latencies for the application since they don't have to worry about
all of the other things a general purpose OS is dealing with. 

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