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PC MIDI programming language


Anyone interested in building a PC MIDI looper might want to take note of a
MIDI processing program/language for the PC -- "Building Blocks", by Paul
Swennenhuis (P.A.M.Swennenhuis@RC.RUG.NL).

A demo is available at:

The language is graphical and modular. It runs under Windows NT or Windows
95/98. IMO, it is quite "Max-like" in its intent, although more limited
(and therefore easier to use), but you can do many Max-like MIDI processing
things with it -- and it runs on the PC, which, unfortunately, MAX doesn't.
For example, it has built in modules for MIDI recording and echoing, which
look like they could be strung together in some way to build a MIDI looper.
Regrettably, I don't have the time to look into this myself, or I would. 

All the best,

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